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#196 Interview – Success Mindsets with Ryan Gottfredson

Welcome to 196  of Todays Leader the Coach Curl Podcast. Today I have the absolute pleasure to feature Ryan Gottfredson to the podcast. Ryan is the best selling author Ryan is the author of “Success Mindsets: The Key to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work, & Leadership, featured on the wall street journal and on

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#195 Leadership Lessons – Disatisfaction Driving Success

When you look at the people who have been successful there are a number of commonalities. One of the common themes is you see people driven to success through an ongoing dissatisfaction. Whether it is a position in life that they see dissatisfaction with where they are currently in life, or they see something that

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The Start Up Journey with Jason Colley

This week we have Jason Colley in a very different episode. Jason is a data analyst who has been on a startup journey, developing the App (What the Kids Say). He shares his journey with us on this episode in what I can describe as the rawest interview yet, as he details the challenges start-ups

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Professional Grant Writing with Lisa Nardone

This week we are joined by the highly respected grants writer Lisa Nardone from Grants Plus Consulting. Lisa is well-known locally and around Australia for the work she does and provides some great insights during the episode that will help you in business and for your next grant. Lisa can be contacted via The

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#193 Everyone Has a Heart & Mind with Catherine B Roy

I was excited to chat with Catherine Roy this morning for our next episode, Everyone Has a Heart and Mind. Catherine has been recognised as one of the Top 30 Under 30 Young Entrepreneurs, Top 20 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on the Future of Work, Top 100 Women B2B Thought Leaders to Follow in

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#192 Lessons Learning to Listen and Act on Your Intuition

We usually only see how good our intuition is, in hindsight. Intuition impacts us in every aspect of our life and whether it is positive or negative, usually due to us either acting on it when we trust it or have remorse sit with us. Thanks for listening to our lessons from life session today.

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191 Monday Mentoring – Dealing with Dream Discouragers

Welcome to Monday mentoring. The reality we see in dreams is that many will be discouraged in our dreams for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have been discouraged by others before. Dreams and goals are simply a behaviour and a process for us to follow. Take the time this week to reflect on the

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Personalised Excellent Development with Rhett Bowlen

PERSONALISED EXCELLENT DEVELOPMENT WITH RHETT BOWLEN In episode 18 we interview Rhett Bowlen. Rhett has recently started his own BeSpokePD Tailored Urban Planning and Development Management services from planning to completion. He has a clear focus on proving and exceptional and personalised service for his clients and has a strong purpose in good development. The

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#190 Lessons from Life – Applied Knowledge is the Key

A key to life and leadership is to be open to learning, enthusiastic to growth and optimistic in approach. It is great to continue to learn new concepts under the belief that knowledge and growth is good.Check out thinkandgrowbusiness for all of your leadership development needs, if you want individual or team coaching, build better

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#189 Monday Mentoring – The Rights & Wrongs of a Dream

Welcome to our Monday Mentoring here at Todays Leader – The Coach Curl Podcast, where we share mentoring and inspiration on your quest to succeed in life. Today we are sharing the rights and wrongs of dreams, breaking out of the handcuffs we place ourselves in. Streamed live on our Facebook Community and on

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#188 Create a Victorious Mindset with Nathanael Zurbrugg

I am joined by Nathanael Zurbrugg on episode 188 of Todays Leader. Nathanael’s story is quite incredible, defeating death 6 times in his journey so far through chronic illness. He inspires thousands around the world with his journey and today he shares his four step process to building a victorious mindset. When you have been

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